How To Cat-Proof Your Computer [Infographic]

Omg, it is so funny to me that 97% of cat owners say their cat has deleted something by walking across the keyboard. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe your cat is deleting files on purpose? I’ve always thought cats have access to some parallel universe, and if aliens are watching us, I’m sure they think the cats are the owners and we are the pets. After all, not only have cats completely taken over the Internet (especially on Caturday), but they can also wear cat wigs, play cat scrabble and even hang out in a cat TARDIS.

If you are a cat lover, and if your furry little friends are napping on your keyboard, don’t you think it’s time to reclaim your domain and cat-proof your computer?

This infographic called Cat-Proofing Your Computer by Surdoc will teach you everything you need to know in order to do this. Cat-proofing your computer involves doing thing to protect your cat, protect your computer and protect your files. You can even install paw recognition software. Yeah, I’m for real. This infographic suggests using PawSense, but there are other options too. This all seems like a lot of trouble. It makes me so glad I have a dog instead. My little Mary just sits next to me while I blog. She has no interest in getting anywhere near the keyboard. Cats are evil. Opps… Did I just type that? :)

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