DIY TARDIS: Because Every Woman Needs Her Own TARDIS

When I saw this creative build, I instantly fell in love with it. SillySparrowness is soooo right when she says, “A woman isn’t complete without her own TARDIS.” Upon reading that statement, I instantly fell into a world of imagination and creative inspiration. How cool would it be to have a real TARDIS? I really can’t think of anything that would be more fun to own than that!

What this girl has managed to build is insanely impressive. She made this TARDIS from scratch, and the video below is worth every second. It all makes me want to stop what I’m doing to go watch a few old Doctor Who episodes.

She was even clever enough to document the entire process so if you are feeling inspired by this, you could conceivably make your own also. She posted her complete build diary for you to enjoy also. I wonder if it opens up to a huge room that leads to space and time travel with infinite possibilities? Okay, maybe not, but I want one anyway. One of the best parts is that it’s portable so you could take it just about anywhere. Can you imagine driving down the highway with this badboy strapped to the hood? SillySparrowness, you get the Most Creative Geek Girl Award for the week!

Every Woman Needs A TARDIS

How To Make A TARDIS

How To Build A TARDIS

How To Build A TARDIS

Via: [Nerd Approved]