How To Flirt | The Science

It was just a matter of time until someone went and published this I think. It would have been quite obvious to publish this video clip as we’re talking about social media and that it’s taking over the world one person at the time. Is that making us less social? Not in the words meaning itself but is it making us more and more afraid to actually interact eye to eye? I truly hope not as I love meeting new people and it’s would make my job so much less inspiring if I had to just talk to my clients and friends over the Internet. That wouldn’t be “rebel” at all actually.

Some scientists, apparently anti-social media ones, said that we’re going through a phase that will lead us to not communicate through speech and gestures at all in the end. Only through a chat or any of the new social media applications and ideas that might come in the future. I think this is just a load of bull. I actually believe that we will interact more and more in real life as we get to meet new people through the Internet that we would never have met if it wasn’t for Twitter for example. Geeks have long had an anti-social stamp on them and it’s time to take it away. Don’t you agree?