How To: Launch Your Face Into Space

I love everything to do with NASA and space exploration. I read about it all the time. The pictures that were released a few weeks ago of Mars were mind blowing to me.

I think my favorite images are still the New York Times gallery entited “A Moment in Time.” If you haven’t checked this out… oh my goodness, you have to do it right now. It is a collection of photographic images taken in random moments of time from around the world. They will truly take your breath away.

But as often happens when I start writing about the wonderment of space, I’ve digressed. This article is really about how you can get into space yourself! Well, not really, but close! According to the NASA website, you can upload a picture of yourself to be put on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launched into orbit!

You will get a flight confirmation that you can print and also, after the space shuttle returns to Earth; you can go back to the site to print your official Flight Certificate signed by the Mission Commander. How cute is that? Oh, I’m so going to do this. :) If you would like to join me, just go to the NASA Face in Space page and follow the simple instructions. Good luck, and I’ll see you in space!