How To: Make A Captain America Shield From A Satellite Dish

You know by now that we are all about recycling at Bit Rebels. It’s kind of funny because all of us have written about how fun it can be to take something you would normally throw away and turn it into something creative and unique, thus giving it a new life. It’s become almost an unspoken contest to see which one of us can find the coolest mod or recycled art created from something that would otherwise be “all used up.”

Okay Richard and Misty… I’ve got one for you here that is pretty darn cool. I challenge you to find something to rival this one! Many of us have basements, attics or backyard sheds full of crap we’ll never use again, right? Do you happen to have an old satellite dish in there that you aren’t using anymore? What the hell are you keeping it for anyway? (Opps… that is a whole different article. lol) How about take that heavy, old, useless thing and turn it into something every geek must have? Turn it into a Captain America shield! I know what you are thinking, but really, look at the pictures below, this thing is insane, and I want one for sure.

This thirteen-step tutorial, which looks relatively easy, was put together by Instructables author seamster. What I like about these directions is how detailed they are written. Just about anyone with enough time to complete this task could figure it out. The comments are very helpful also. I foresee a Captain America shield in my future! You can take on this project yourself by going here.