How To: Make A Creepy Bloody Syringe From Lego

This is so creepy and weird that I must make it. I’ve heard about a lot of strange things being made out of Lego, but who the hell would ever think to make a bloody syringe?

Admit it, you want one now too, right? I thought so. Besides, I’m sure before today you’ve thought many times, “Gee, I would really like to know how to make a creepy syringe out of my Lego bricks.” I’m so happy I can help you with this thanks to the brilliant mind of Sean Michael Ragan.

According to his website, Sean says the hardest part of the whole process was getting the colors right. I would not have guessed that. To me, this would be so much more fun to create than some of those huge Lego builds that take years to complete. This is unique, fun, bizarre and right up my alley. What a great little conversation piece for a shelf in my office.

If you would like to make this for yourself, Sean has been kind enough to share the goods with us. You can buy a Lego Syringe Kit in his Etsy store for only $20 (this is just something Sean creatively put together, it is not affiliated with Lego). Also, on his website here, he has a complete parts list along with photos and a link to a PDF with detailed instructions. Thank you, Sean! :)

[via Geekologie]