How To: Make A Cute Clever Candle From A Tangerine

I love candles. They are all over my house all year long, but especially during the holidays. My favorite one, which is burning right now, smells like a Christmas tree. For some reason, when I smell certain candles, I think of certain people, if that makes sense. The scent of some candles even reminds me of people that I haven’t met, like my friends in social media. This time of year, pumpkin scented candles are really nice too.

What happens if you are in the mood to light a candle but you don’t have any at home? This little 37 second video shows how to easily make a cute candle if you have a tangerine, a lighter and some olive oil at home.

This is called a “war candle” but not because there is anything violent about it. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, it seems very pretty and peaceful to me. According to YouTube, it’s called a war candle because they used them during the war in Southern Italy when they couldn’t get normal candles. In my opinion, whoever originally thought, “Hey, I have a tangerine, I wonder if I can make a candle out of this” was brilliant. I wonder if it has an orangy smell, or if it has no scent at all. I guess there is only one way to find out. I’m definitely going to try this.