How To: Make A Laptop Case With Recycled Plastic!

We use plastic bags all the time and why not? It’s convenient. However, it has its downside, most of the plastics that we use for shopping bags are non biodegradable. What this means is that their composition will not be broken down easily, thus they can pollute our environment. When we did two beach clean-ups this year, the most common item we found polluting the beach was plastic. It wasn’t just on the beach’s surface either. The divers that joined us were also able to collect a lot as well.

The people from WWF (World WildLife Foundation) taught us that the best way to collect our items when shopping is to use reusable canvas bags. And, since there are already so many plastics manufactured, the next best thing is for us to recycle.

I found an awesome video that teaches people how to fuse plastic and transform it into a cool personalized laptop case. You just need patience and creativity. Not only will you learn how to fuse plastic, but you will also have a water-proof laptop case that is shock proof when you’re finished. Now you don’t just have a custom made laptop case, but you also have the benefit of knowing that you are doing your part to save our planet.

via [Threadbanger]