How To: Make amazing instant ice!

Are you like me who’s in need of more hours throughout the day in order to be able to do everything you feel you just have to do before getting the usual 2 hour shut-eye? Well, to me even freezing my energy drinks and beverages is too time consuming sometimes and this makes it impossible for me to even focus sometimes. What I mean is I hate to sit and wait for my beverages to get freezing cold so I can enjoy them while working hard and staying dedicated to what I believe in.

So believe me when I tell you I got very happy when I found this little tutorial on how to make instant ice. I was amazed by the coolness and the geek factor it had and I can’t wait to try it out. God knows if it will work but judging from the tutorial itself it looks plausible at least.

No matter what it does it still looks heavily cool, doesn’t it! I have heard and seen “dry ice” in action but I still need to get a closer look at this “hot ice” that they refer to in the clip. The effect generated from the liquid created is stunning in every way and it truly looks like ice.

I am off to the kitchen to see if this really works! Hmm, was i talking about too little time just now? Well, I don’t care this needs to be tried and if any of you try it out please report your results. Stay safe though. Use the necessary protection and enjoy!