How To: Make an invisible Wallpaper for your screen!

In an era when everything is rotating around personal customization, and the usual and ordinary wallpapers that people use on their desktops in order to feel some relief over a hard days work, it is ever so evident that we need to innovate a little to become original again. The usual tropical island motif and the open landscapes of the customary Microsoft wallpaper are no longer feeding your inspiration, so you’re looking for something new, right? You want something more personal and vibrant that will freshen up your mind every time you look at it.

So what to do? Well, maybe a magical invisible wallpaper will make your day just a little bit brighter and more fun. Maybe you get this one just right and you manage to fool your colleagues into believing that you have the newest and best transparent display recently showcased at the CES show in Las Vegas. You know, the transparency that everyone is talking about and you already have it!

Maybe it’s not that advanced but it sure does its share of twisting the brain and you’ll be trying to understand how it is done. I promise you that one or two of your co-workers will say, “How is that possible?” for just that split second before they figure the whole thing out. It ain’t that hard to figure out once you personally move around. But, letting your co-worker sit down in front of the screen before you turn it on sure does a lot for the illusion!

I will go ahead and try it out and see what it does to my environment and also to the people around me that will be able to check it out. It also works as a good prank if you sneak into your roomies room and take a picture and make it the wallpaper. Turn off the screen and get the heck out of there. When he or she comes back, voila! You won’t believe the reaction.