How To: Make Beer [Infographic]

The summer is rapidly approaching, and we’re looking forward to the time when we can sit in the sun, have a cold brewski, and just kick back for a couple of minutes. I doubt there will be any amount of resting for us here on Bit Rebels, but we’ll definitely take some pauses to enjoy the rays of health and inspiration from the almighty sun. People have and always will like different kinds of beer. Some people might light a lighter brand while others goes for the heavy stuff. I am by no means a beer fanatic, and I don’t know what the microscopic differences are between different beers or what makes them so different more than the color and taste of the liquid itself. However, there are people out there that definitely know what they’re doing, and they do it well enough to make millions from it.

OC Weekly and artist Tyler Hoehne put together a really neat infographic about the process of making beer. It’s for us noobs that are uneducated in the art of making beer. It should truly shed some light on how the magic liquid is created. You shouldn’t be ashamed for not knowing the whole process since I am sure that most “posers” out there have no clue either.

I enjoy a good cold light beer every now and then, and it’s the perfect Friday treat when a week of hard work is over and you just want to kick back for a moment to gear up for a weekend of inspiring development. After all, a beer does work as a good reward for a job well done. Just make sure not to spoil yourself with too many. Saturday may come, but you’ll have a hell of a headache. That is never good, no matter how much fun you had. #JustSaying

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How To Make Beer Infographic