How To Make Foldable Papercraft Patterns From Scratch On Your iPad

Over the past several years, we’ve written about some of the most incredible papercraft creations here on Bit Rebels. Whether it’s a tiny origami micro-papercraft design or this Life-Size Papercraft Link From Legend Of Zelda, we’ve covered them all. Some of them come with patterns that you can download to create your own, but most of the time, the people who create those papercraft 3D designs just have mad skills. Most of the time they’ve been practicing for years, and it’s become a labor of love for them. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to create your own 3D papercraft patterns that you could simply print out and fold?

If you love paper like we do, and if you are a fan of papercraft, you will love this new iPad app which allows you to create your own papercraft patterns very easily. You can then print them out and fold them into your very own original 3D creations. If you watch the demonstration video below, I think you’ll be amazed at how simple the process is.

The app is called Foldify, and you can use it to draw your papercraft patterns from scratch, and they will only be limited by your own imagination. As you see, you can just choose a shape and then watch the folded version on the screen as you design it, which is how it will look after you print and fold it. That way, you can get all the colors and the lines just right. If you need a little help along the way, you can also access the app’s preset faces and designs. This DIY papercraft patterns app for the iPad will hit the app store tomorrow. I have no idea what the price will be, but hopefully it will be free. We’ll see tomorrow.

Create Your Own 3D Papercraft Patterns To Print & Fold


Via: [WonderHowTo]