How To: Make the Most Expensive Christmas Card

Sending Christmas Cards is one of the more popular ways to show your loved ones you care this Holiday Season. I was doing a research for my most expensive iPhone and found a cool tutorial on how to make the most expensive Christmas card.

I guess, if we do want to send the very best, then making it will be worth your time and resources.  You will need the following items:  cardboard, sprinkles, gold and green paper, glue and an iPhone.  The first thing you need to do is download the iPhone Application Bauble..  The application is an advanced Hyper Christmas Tree Decoration Simulation System.  It costs around US$.90.


1.  Cut the cardboard in the middle but not all the way through

2.  Trace the iPhone and cut out the front portion so that the iPhone fits snuggly

3.  On the front side, trace the gold paper to cover the front leaving the iphone face exposed

4.  Cut out the green paper in the shape of a Christmas Tree

5.  On the side of the panel so as not to show the back side of the iphone, cover it with gold paper.

6.  Write your message on the right side panel on the inside of the card

7.  Embellish the tree with sparkly gems

It was suggested that you can purchase 2nd hand iPhone to save on costs.

Here is a video to illustrate the steps above.  Enjoy!