How To: Pimp Out Your Car Super Mario Style

Are you a Super Mario fan? Mario completely invaded my life about a year ago when my son discovered him. Ever since then, Mario and all of his friends seem to be a permanent part of my house. Whether in the form of a Wii game, a Nintendo DS game, a stuffed animal, a shirt, a screensaver… they are all over the place around here.

Now, in addition to everywhere else, you can even pimp out your car Super Mario style. These are waterproof, vinyl decals perfect for your car or your windows. They are a little pricey at $60, but they will supposedly last 3-5 years on your car. Maybe that will make it worth it for you, I don’t know. You can purchase them here.

In my opinion, these stickers have way more personality than any bumper sticker I’ve ever seen! If you are a geek through and through, this will surely attract your dream girl. I’m sure your Princess Peach will drool over your ride when you pick her up with these on your car!

[via technabob]