How To: Pimp Your Smartphone Celebrity Style

How many times do you see someone whose phone looks and sounds just like it did when they first bought it at the store? Almost never, right? Whether it’s a case, engravings, ringtones, covers, apps or backgrounds, we all like to customize our smartphones. We like to add some personality and make them special. Our phones have become the ultimate accessory, and dressing them up to match our style is a billion dollar industry.

What if you want to pimp your phone like a celebrity? How much will it cost you? According to this infographic by Geekaphone, the top 3 most expensive phones are iPhones, and they are priced as high as $8 million dollars. Did you know there is an app that costs $13,000? Whoa!

Aside from the pie graphs being a little off (those numbers don’t add up to 100%, do they?), I think this infographic offers some cute insight into a world most of us will never venture into. I mean, would you spend over $100,000 on an iPhone case? Call me practical, but I think I’d rather buy another house with that that kind of money. Ladies, check this out, it says that 50% of men under age 35 find people with cool phones more attractive. That’s funny to me. Geekaphone also has a neat mobile speed test if you ant to test your bandwidth, latency and browser performance. Just go to Mobile Speed Test. Oh, and the black mini gloves featured in the header image are apparently a special type of glove designed to operate the iPhone without getting fingerprints on the screen. Hmm… Can you say OCD?

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