How To: Remove Glass and Bumper Stickers from Your Car!

Are you tired of those bumper stickers on your car?  Or are you selling your car and now would like to remove the ones that said “this is my car”, bumper or glass stickers is a fun way of telling others who the owner is and what he is all about.

One takes great care in placing them, I should know, a friend once did his entire car with different stickers and after he got tired of it,  took him awhile to take them all off!

Have you done the same? Now that the time comes for you to take them off and you are not quiet sure how to remove them.  Here is a guide on how to remove them without damaging your car.

You will need the following:

  • 1 household hairdryer
  • 3 clean cloths
  • 1 plastic spatula/scraper
  • 1 bottle of industrial alcohol
  • 1 bottle of car polish

I have included the video here and there are 10 steps that you will need need to follow.  Have fun and get crackin!

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Keeping Your Car Clean:
How To Remove Glass And Bumper Stickers