Kajabi – Is Kajabi Really Worth Your Money? [Review]

In this article we are going to figure out whether or not Kajabi is worth your money, but first. You’ve been thinking about it for quite some time now – having your own online business. These past few months, your boss seems to have taken a strong interest in you and has become an expert at fault finding in everything you do. Looking back, you can’t seem to remember a single day where your boss has not directly (or indirectly) made your life in the office a hellhole.

Toxic. Frustrating. Maybe even life threatening. That’s how you feel when you’re in your office. As things now stand, you can’t wait to start your own online business so you can bid your boss and your office adios!

Because you have superb painting skills and are dead passionate about it, you thought of creating and selling online courses about painting as your online business.

Now that you’re in your once in a blue moon vacation, you have the entire week to jump start your online business. At this point, the only thing that’s keeping you from starting is figuring out which platform to use for creating and selling your painting online courses.

That’s where Kajabi comes in.

While there are several platforms that you can use to create and sell online courses, not many are within Kajabi’s caliber. When it comes to helping people create and sell online courses, only Kajabi has a one-stop-shop solution making them the most viable option for business owners.

To help you get a better understanding of how Kajabi works, let’s unpack the platform and look into some of its most crucial features and functions. However, before we even do that…

What Is Kajabi, Anyway?

While Kajabi is known as a portal where users can create and sell their online courses, when you dig deeper, you’ll realize that there is more to the platform than just that.

It can help its users with a couple of other things:

  • It can be used for website creation
  • It can also be used for creating landing pages
  • It has powerful email marketing features
  • It can be used as a membership site
  • Of course, it can also be used to house online courses

These are just some of the many things that the platform can help its users with. When you add in the picture how you can connect several tools to the platform and its inherent sales features (more on this below), you’ll be amazed at how powerful the platform is.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Image 1


These are just some of the many tools that you can use to connect with Kajabi.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Integrations 1

The integratable tools are powerful, aren’t they?

But wait, there’s more!

You can also integrate Zapier with Kajabi. Considering how Zapier allows you to automate your workflows by connecting several apps (Zapier has more than 750 apps), this bit is a major game changer.

With Zapier, you can automate several of your workflows when creating and selling your online courses, helping you optimize how your business operates.

Check out the “Zaps” that you can use.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Zaps 1

Kajabi Online Course Selling Zaps 2

Kajabi Online Course Selling Zaps 3

Of course, these aren’t the only Zaps that you can use. Once you sign up for Zapier and connect it with you Kajabi account, you’d be able to create you own Zaps based on the dynamics of your online business.


With Kajabi, there are three pricing packages that you can choose from:

1. Basic – $103 per month (annual billing) or $129 per month (monthly billing)
2. Pro – $311 per month (annual billing) or $389 per month (monthly billing)
3. Premium – $719 per month (annual billing) or $899 per month (monthly billing)

Another thing worth mentioning is how Kajabi doesn’t charge extra for transaction fees. The only thing that will be deducted is Stripe’s merchant processing fee.

The platform also has a 30-day money back guarantee, and Kajabi’s users can downgrade or upgrade their account whenever they want.

Marketing Features

Kajabi has several marketing features to it that are powerful enough to give them a massive advantage over their competitors.

Website And Landing Page Creation

For one thing, their users can create professional-looking websites and landing pages in a matter of minutes because the platform has ready-made templates that their users can choose from.

These are some of Kajabi’s stunning landing page themes.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Landing Pages 1

Kajabi Online Course Selling Landing Pages 2

These are some of their website themes.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Website Themes 1

Kajabi Online Course Selling Website Themes 2

It’s also worth noting that Kajabi’s themes are free and the users have the option of uploading their themes.

Relationship Building And Nurturing Communities

Kajabi also has several features in place when it comes to helping business owners nurture their relationships with their communities or their leads.

The platform has an email marketing feature, the users can manage the comments made by their web visitors, and they can also interact with their communities from within their products.

Sales Features

Because the users can integrate their Stripe accounts with Kajabi, they no longer need a payment gateway or a merchant account; the platform has them covered on that.

Also, Kajabi allows their users to upsell (downsell) products, or even offer coupons to their community. That way, their users have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to enticing their customers to buy more.

Product Creation

[pullquote]The product creation process is a cakewalk for people who are using Kajabi.[/pullquote] For most of Kajabi’s competitors, the product creation process is where their users call it quits due to how complicated and confusing the process is.

That isn’t something that Kajabi’s users can sympathize with, however.

The process for creating new products is dead simple.

Step 1: Click the “Product” menu
Step 2: Click the “+ New Product” button
Step 3: Add your product’s title and description
Step 4: Add a product thumbnail then click the blue “save” button

Once you’re done with step 4, you can now customize your products by editing its appearance, adding categories, posts, etc.

Kajabi Online Course Selling Product Creation

Final Thoughts

Not only is Kajabi a great place to house and organize online courses, but the platform also does such a great job at helping its users market and sell their courses — something that their competitors aren’t giving much emphasis as of yet.

That bit is quite huge. Considering how noisy the internet has become, business owners who are not equipped with a powerful enough tool to market their business often find themselves closing down.

If you’re looking for a platform where you can establish your online courses, then Kajabi is hands down the tool that you need to use.

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