How To: Shave Your Entire Head In 24 Seconds

There are some things in life that often make me joyously happy I’m a girl, and not a guy. Not having to shave my face is one of them. I don’t know how you guys do it, shaving the hairs on your face on a daily basis. I know what you are thinking, we have to shave our legs; however, if I nick my leg with the razor, I don’t have to walk around for an hour with a little piece of torn toilet paper stuck to my face. #justsayin

Richard is definitely a guy that approaches shaving a little differently, as in, he doesn’t do it much. He often writes about his beard in his articles, and it always makes me giggle. Although I’ve never met him IRL, I can just picture how that must look. Many times, he has also written about how, other than adding additional blades, there hasn’t been much innovation for a very long time in the way people shave.

Well, Richard, I bet you haven’t seen The Shaving Helmet. This badboy will shave your head in 24 seconds flat, so imagine what it could do for that beard of yours! This helmet has two motors running four razors mounted on the inside. The yellow part you see is where the shaving cream is stored for the automatic cream injection. And, of course, there are LED progress lights to let you know when the cycle is complete. The “test subject” in this video looks scared to death, like he’s being put into a torture chamber. But hey, I hear that guy, Kenny, is the roommate. What are roommates for if you can’t torture them, right?

Shave Head Bald In Seconds

Shave Head Bald In Seconds

Shave You Head In Seconds

Via: [Cherry Flava] Header Image Credit: [Dmitriy Shironosov / Shutterstock]