Human Body Stilettos: Every Woman’s Dream?

If you think about it, the human race is quite a weird species. Just look at everything we have accomplished so far, and we’re never satisfied. That is of course both good and bad. The good side of it is that we keep refining, altering and perfecting whatever we can in order to make everything better. The downside is that we keep destroying ourselves in the process without even hesitating. What I mean is that at times we perfect and alter even ourselves to the point where it is actually causing more harm than good. It’s present in our surroundings and in people. It doesn’t really matter what it is, we are there to cause good even though it’s mostly for the bad, if you know what I mean.

When it comes to the human body, we seem to keep working it over as if it was full of mistakes and errors. Nature is a beautiful creation, and we keep changing our perception pretty much all the time which leads to role models where the natural look just doesn’t fit in. What’s next? Well, if you are looking for the very next thing, maybe this little Photoshop creation is something for you. Is this something that will be picked up in a few years?

We have seen the odd and weird pierced people that literally changed their appearance into something unearthly assuming to get attention or to be original. So why would this not be possible as well? An incorporated stiletto heel in your foot could possibly be the new “edge.” I am sure we’ll see someone who will go all out and actually do this. To me, this is just as weird as it comes. It looks painful and alien to me, but I guess the stuff people will do to stand out will always be pushed farther and farther into the land of the weird. What do you think? Is this something that women dream of?

Growing Real Skin Stiletto Heels

Growing Real Skin Stiletto Heels