Human Pixel LCD TV – Über Display Of Perfect Alignment!

During the Olympics we usually see a display of some sort of human pixelated message done by the audience at the events. Even at the opening ceremonies, there is usually some kind of spectacle where the audience is in on the display by holding up a colored piece of paper above their heads. Altogether it forms a huge and awesome message. It’s of course impressive and all, but I think I have one better for you.

This is from a soccer game in South Korea where the 750 students cheering for one of the teams decided to create something cool. Well, it’s actually almost too cool for words, and that’s why I am trying hard here to describe it to you. What they have achieved is nothing less than a human LCD screen, a huge one.

The time it must have taken to choreograph something of this magnitude is just stunning, not to mention the training. It must have taken forever to get everyone to sync up just right, and if someone so much as forgot the slightest move, it would come across as a broken pixel I guess. These kiddos seem to have everything under control, and I was mesmerized by the perfection they showcased. Truly amazing! Could your school do the same you think?