If Social Media Sites Were Superheroes [Infographic]

It seems like a lot of designers are having fun creating infographics these days, and when they are fun like this one is, I can’t get enough. Have you ever played the card game called Top Trumps? It’s a game where each card has a character and a group of numbers on it. The numbers rank the characters on the cards for different attributes. The goal is to trump your opponent by having a better (higher ranking) card to win that turn.

There have been tons of different Top Trump card decks released over the years. Most recently, I heard about a Royal Wedding Top Trump card deck in which Kate Middleton is the highest-ranking card. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game of social media Top Trumps? The guys over at Freestyle Interactive did. Joe, Matt, Andy, Paul and Ben created some cards in this infographic which might appear in that deck.

Facebook is really like the Hulk, big and powerful. I think making WordPress be Batman is completely appropriate. And, it’s totally true, I love flickr, but I wouldn’t notice if it suddenly went away. I think the Spider-Man reference for Twitter is okay… but I would much rather see Wonder Woman kicking ass with a lasso in that space instead. Nice job guys! Thank you to my dear friend @gupshublog who sent this to me this morning.

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Twitter Is Spiderman Facebook Hulk