Imperial LEGO Ice Cream: Darth Vader Now Serves Us All

I think the number of Darth Vader incarnations goes way beyond what anyone can keep track of. It has become a genre where humor is as much a part of the cool as the actual movies are. It’s a weird statement I know, but the fact that it is spot on is even more disturbing. The prequels were handed to us in a more humoristic packaging with several characters that I sometimes found more annoying than part of the storyline. But a good movie has it all, and I can just agree that the prequels were at best, okay.

The continuous creativity involving anything Star Wars is starting to become a storyline in itself. It would certainly be fun to see a timeline of jokes, creations and humorous approaches to everything that is considered geekdom about Star Wars. That timeline would go on forever, and I suspect that we would have to create a horizontally scrolling website in order to house them all neatly on one long line.

So what’s next for the world of Star Wars? Well, Louis K decided to take the heavily funny Star Wars t-shirt (created by Gamefreaks) with the same theme and create a real LEGO build out of it. And before you could count to… well… a million light years, the AT-AT was done and ready to serve. Ice cream that is!

I find this LEGO build hilariously funny, and I was thinking about getting myself one of these t-shirts. But, unfortunately, my high hopes got grounded by the fact that the t-shirts were all out of stock. I guess we will all have to stay put wearing our old, smelly t-shirts until the new delivery arrives. If Darth Vader is going to keep this up, he must have something to further promote his business and brand. I, for one, would be happy to help! Darth Vader ice cream deliverer FTW!

Via: [The Brothers Brick]