Inception Movie: Legolized!

I don’t think it has escaped anyone’s attention that Inception is, next after The Matrix, the highest grossing sci-fi movie ever released. The intricate storyline and the spectacular special effects make the movie somewhat of a milestone of combined efforts to make the über movie of the century. Everyone is trying to grasp the idea and pull it down into a more understandable medium… such as Lego for example.

Created by Lego builder and dreamers Profound Whatever and Ochre Jelly the dreams are kept alive, and you can once again enjoy the subtle imagination of an alternate world created by you (well, the writers that is). Created using only our beloved Lego bricks, here come a few scenes from the movie.

When looking at these images, I truly wish they were working on a Legolized movie in perfect HD just to satisfy the need for more from this amazing concept. I am sure the whole thing would become a social media success within just a few seconds. Who wouldn’t want to see this whole epic creation of dreams collapse under the daunting task of finding the true meaning of the brick? Or something in that order…