Insane Lego Batcave Made With 9,000 Bricks

Once again, Lego inspires people to greatness. We have featured some of the most mind-blowing Lego builds every to be found on the Internet. Each time we publish one of those articles, I think there is no way we will ever again see anything that is so creative. Every time, the bar is raised a little bit higher.

Well, never say never because here we go again. Alex Schranz is obviously a huge fan of Lego and Batman because he built this absolutely insane Batcave with around 9,000 Lego bricks. According to Forever Geek, it’s a “multi-level Batcave that’s built right into the cave walls. There’s a spot for the Batmobile, an armory, a huge computer/surveillance system, a vault for both Batman and Robin’s suits, winding stairs and catwalks, and even sewer access!

This is one of those dioramas that only a true geek could build. You are amazing Alex. You can click over to his flickr to view more photos of his masterpiece. If you want to check out more insane Lego builds, how about the Royal Wedding Built With 170,000 Lego Bricks, LOTR Middle Earth Created Entirely Out Of Lego, The Arrival: Insane Star Wars Lego Diorama or of course, a now classic… Amy Winehouse Bust made with 3,000 Lego bricks.

Insane Batman Lego Batcave

Insane Batman Lego House

Insane Lego Batman House

Insane Lego Batman House

Via: [Forever Geek]