Intense Super Mario Papercraft Stop Motion [Video]

As creative as the Super Mario franchise is, there is always room for improvement, right? We see a ton of these 2D and 3D platform games, and they are usually all the same. They draw you into a world which is not only creative, but also very addicting. I remember the first time I ever played Super Mario. It was like a whole new experience, and I just couldn’t put down that retro NES controller. I was hooked, and I needed to finish the game before I got some shuteye. It took me some time, but I did it. The funny thing about Super Mario is that you want to beat the game over and over again. Why? Because it’s the ultimate fun of course.

However, there should really be another level to it, especially now that it was a good 20-25 years ago when the first incarnation of the franchise was released. Someone who I guess had a little bit of the same thought is YouTube user jeremiahjw. He created what can only be described as the most addicting papercraft stop motion video ever. Well, almost anyway. He took Super Mario, turned it into a papercraft project, and returned it as a papercraft gaming experience.

I am struck by the fact that it is so well done. All of it! If it wasn’t for the skewed blocks, the somewhat tarnished edges, and the way the character isn’t QUITE as smooth animated, I would have never picked up that it was all made out of paper. Not to mention that I would have never picked up on the fact that it is a stop motion video. That alone should be reason enough for you to take the time to watch this one minute and twenty two second long video. This is papercraft taken to a whole new level, the Super Mario level that is.

Papercraft Super Mario Stop Motion