Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s Clever Attempt To Win You Back

Have you completely given up on Internet Explorer (IE) as a way to view the internet? There’s no shame if you have. Microsoft has even admitted that many former users may have moved away from IE in the title of their new comeback campaign. The Browser You Love(d) To Hate is Microsoft’s tongue in cheek strategy to win you back. They seem determined to convince some of the users who have migrated to other browsers to give IE a try again. Littered with (proposed) feedback from new converts, or restored advocates, it appears the new version is not so bad and might even be worth another try.

Even Microsoft is aware that you might not like to let your friends know just yet, but according to the campaign website, that’s okay. They understand. Quite frankly, I think they just want you to try it again. Some of the new features include extra privacy, touch friendly navigation and a fast and fluid user experience. It sounds like they might have listened to some of their user feedback. Microsoft is well aware that they have lost market share, and they have launched The Browser You Love To Hate campaign by grabbing the bull by the horns.

A key component of the campaign is this quirky video identifying some of the cooler new attributes that the browser now has to offer. Based around the activity of a troll committed to making life even harder for IE, the comeback strategy unfolds with a persistent and tenacious approach to win you back. It’s a clever angle really because nobody like trolls, but nobody really likes Internet Explorer either. Whose side will you take? I don’t think Microsoft is expecting you to immediately abandon your current browsing habits and use IE exclusively, but they are certainly challenging you to give it another go. Will they win you back? Better watch this new video to find out.

Will Microsoft Win You Back?


Image Credits: [The Browser You Love(d) To Hate] [YouTube]