The History Of Web Browsers [Infographic]

Ever since the first web browser, WorldWideWeb, was created and introduced by Tim Berners-Lee, we’ve seen many new breeds spring up. Some have been short lived while others have gone from version to version always raising the bar. Firefox was a project that was created as a result of programmers being tired of Internet Explorer and all the spam, virus and hackable safety issues it was battling. Before Microsoft decided to redesign the browser from the very ground up, it was utterly a pain to use. Firefox soon became a focal point for hackers and security became an issue again, even with this hacker created web browser. It also had its share of memory leaks and other loose ends that made it slow and sluggish after being used during long periods of time.

However, there are of course a pocket full of browsers on the market and Tech King set out to create a time line history of the most popular ones. With data and information gathered from several sources, they were able to pull together an infographic that contained not only the type of browser, the version number and when they were released, but also their popularity over time.

This is really interesting since you can see when people have again embraced the browser they used to use after the bugs and fixes were taken care of, and it launched new life into an old work horse. Even though some of these browsers seem to have little or no influence on the market as far as users and popularity, the thickness of the lines aren’t really doing the stats justice since we’re talking about millions of people who are compared throughout the spectrum. As a geek, I really enjoy statistics like this. It makes it clear how far we’ve come to in developing the Internet for us all.

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The History Of Web Broswers