Inventive Pool Spray Painting: Skateboard Style

Believe it or not, as a kid, I skateboarded quite a lot. I was never as good as any of the guys you’ve probably checked out on YouTube, but I could do a few tricks. Sure, I wasn’t the best in my group of friends, but I sure tried my best to fit in. I later went over to inlining instead, which I was even better at.

I did that for several years, and then I met a girl I wanted to impress with my wunderkind skills (or so I thought they were). I took aim for a road drop and started skating away. I started crossing the street from side to side, somewhat like skiing. I was on my way to being king for about 30 seconds before I suddenly hit a part of the road that was wet from someone watering their lawn. Of course, I went down like King Kong. The girl said she saw sparks coming from my watch (I still have it as evidence). I did what everyone tells us to do, I relaxed my body so I wouldn’t break anything. Well, I didn’t break anything, but I hurt my elbow, left arm and my forehead pretty bad. That was pretty much the “date” nobody wants to have.

However, skateboarding is way more, well, sophisticated if you ask the cool kids. So what can you do with a skateboard? As it turns out, there are quite a lot of things you can do with it. For example, you can make art out of it, and you can use it as… anything really. What these guys, who I can only refer to as the D*Face group, have come up with is something truly awesome. Why not paint a pool using a skateboard and some custom electronics? That’s exactly what these guys do.

They created a gadget which makes it possible to mount a spray can underneath a skateboard. The device is remote controlled and can be activated whenever the skateboarder wants to. This makes for a perfectly cool way of painting a pool for example. Check out the video below and tell me you don’t think this is absolutely awesome. Of course, you shouldn’t do this in a pool that you don’t have permission to paint. That ladies and gentlemen would be a STUPID thing to do. Period!

Pool Spray Painting With Skateboard

Pool Spray Painting With Skateboard

Pool Spray Painting With Skateboard