Is This Magic? The Balloon Penetrating Illusion

Do you like magic? Do you like watching illusionists play tricks with your eyes and your mind? My favorite illusion was done right before my eyes during a party. The illusionist got a card and a cigarette (not lighted). He inserted the entire cigarette through the card, but when we checked, there was no hole left in the card. It was an amazing experience. I watch a lot of television programs that feature such artists, and when they show you how it’s done, I always think, “Wow, is it really that simple to do?”

You probably saw the Pressure Trick being performed on The David Letterman Show. To perform the trick, simply inflate an ordinary balloon. Borrow your friend’s cell phone (or wallet, or iPod) and before their eyes, it will penetrate the balloon as it deflates. Hand the item back to your buddy, sealed inside the balloon. This easy-to-learn trick has no gimmick and can be done with any standard sized balloon. In the video below, magicians Daniel Garcia and Dan White will walk you through the illusion step by step, including any questions you could possibly have about performing the trick.