10 Sarcastically Funny TV & Movie Screencaps

Back in the old days, when I had to run home from the bus stop after school to make it in time to watch Tom and Jerry at exactly 4:00, there was no chance of ever capturing a screenshot from a television show (or a movie for that matter). Back then, we had a little paperback book called a TV Guide, and we had to look up what time our favorite shows would be on the television. Apparently TV Guides still exist, although I haven’t seen one in about a decade.

Of course, most kids these days have no idea what a TV Guide is. They also have no idea what it’s like to have to watch a show at a certain time. With the technology that’s available today, we can pretty much watch any television show or movie whenever we want. The irony for me is, I don’t watch television anymore. Oh well. Now that we have complete command over our televisions, it’s fun to see comedians online and offline take screenshots from different shows (and movies) and add their own funny captions to them. They always make me laugh, and usually the funniest ones show up on the most obscure websites.

One website that is not obscure at all, and that I really enjoy visiting, is Pleated-Jeans. There is always something funny there to start my day. Beginning last month, they started doing a Funny TV and Movie Screencaps series where they compile funny screenshots with captions from all over the Internet into one article. They publish these articles about once a week or so. I don’t know how long it will go on, but those articles are a great way to waste three minutes. All together, there are around 75 of these pictures on Pleated Jeans, but I’ve chosen 10 to share with you here. I hope they give you a giggle, and maybe even take you back a few years. Enjoy!

Dogs Are Color Blind

Mascara On My Pubes

You Deserve A Cuddle

Kim Kardashian Free Yoga

Golden Girls Betty White

But You Promised Hitler

White People Are Scared

Brady Bunch Cindy Marsha

That 70s Show Joke

TV Screencaps With Funny Captions