Jedi A-Holes Strike Back: Fandom Gone Wrong

With all the new Star Wars stuff being published daily on the Internet, you quickly start thinking that some of it must be junk. Some of it really has to have a negative effect on some of the fanboys and girls around the globe. The effect might not be immediately clear, but there certainly has to be someone out there who has taken the whole Jedi thing a little bit too far. And, if you are thinking that way, you are absolutely right.

There are people out there so obsessed with the Star Wars world that they do everything to actually try to mimic it to the level of stupidity. Some even try to live the life of a Jedi full out. It’s even apparent within the Star Trek culture. It might seem weird to mention Star Wars and Star Trek in the same sentence because the two doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with each other, and the battle for who’s idolizing the best world is nothing you would want to get involved in. It’s somewhat a battle of the geeks, a geek war if you will.

However, when a couple of Star Wars fans inhale the world they idolize a little bit too much, things happen, and that’s exactly what you will be watching in the clip below. A lightsaber is cool and all, but a Jedi has some responsibilities and rules that if not followed, he or she will come across like nothing other than a… well, a-hole Jedi if put honestly.

If you should ever find yourself kickin’ dirt trying to be exactly like these stooges, I think you either need to redefine your own existence or admit yourself to some kind of ward where someone will put a straitjacket on you. It’s all fun and games until someone gets a lightsabre in their eye, right? So kids, don’t play chopsticks with your lightsaber, and of course don’t treat it like a toy. The future may be closer than you think and such a stunt might actually get you pushed to the dark side. Stay good, be good and live good. Three simple rules to follow that will always keep you safe… and good, I guess. #LightsabersRock!

Star Wars Jedi A-Holes Clip