Jedi Cats: Perfectly Normal Cat Behavior [Video]

I am reluctant to do it, but I just have to. I am one of those people who was initially overly excited about all the cat videos on the Internet, but with a million websites covering the subject, I have gotten bored with it. Well, not really bored, but there have simply been too much of the goodness if you know what I mean. However, when cats suddenly get all mashed up with something I love, there is no question about me featuring it. It just has to be seen, and it is not more complicated than that really. Now I am sure some of you are wondering what the hell I am rambling about, and from looking at the title, you are probably headed in the right direction.

Yup, it’s a video clip that I am sure will make you all go “Awwww,” but at the same time, it is overly badass and needs to be treated to a “WTF!” comment as well. The clip in itself isn’t very long, it’s a mere 16 seconds, but that is enough to make your day, I tell you! You will be sending this to every one of your friends and loved ones because you just have to share the force. It’s simple as that! Or, maybe it is just me who wants you to share it, and if you want to please feel free, we would totally appreciate it!

The clip, uploaded to YouTube by FinalCutKing, is one of those that you will have to watch over and over again because it is so… well, alright I’ll say it, CUTE! Not only are they kittens, but they are also heavily into the force. The Jedi feel of this awesome thing is just over the top and honestly, George Lucas could learn a thing or two from this one. With all the Star Wars stuff being spread around right now (and it is likely not going to stop anytime soon), this is probably the perfect start for your wonderful Saturday. Epic is the word that comes to mind, and I am trying to find more words to describe it, but I guess that that will suffice. EPIC!

Cats Going Star Wars Jedi