Kablaam: Kid Feels The Retribution Of A Cat Face Slam

When I was a little kid, someone once told me that being a grown up is never easy. I kept on pondering that statement throughout the years thinking quietly to myself that if this person thinks being a grown up isn’t easy, what the heck is he comparing it to? I mean, as a kid you aren’t allowed a say in very many things, you don’t have your own place, you don’t get to decide what to eat, and you definitely don’t get to decide how long you can stay up. However, now that I am a little bit older (hrm…), I can totally see what this person was referring to. Today, for the first time in a long while, I think I have to take that statement back a little.

I am sure you are wondering why I would want to do that, right? Well, it so happens that I have stumbled over a pretty interesting animated gif that puts things in a perspective. If you are a little kid, and you don’t have the power to rule the little world inside your bedroom, and you can’t even rule over your own bed, things are totally put into a whole new perspective.

This kid, seemingly the king of the hill in the beginning of the clip, is taking his royalty a little bit too seriously and a little bit too far. He certainly learns his lesson even if it looks a little painful. That’s right, when you are 3 feet tall, it’s not a good idea to start a fight with a cat that is almost as big as you. Why? Because if you give it your best shot and try to teach it some respect, it will most definitely turn the respect aspect over on you, and in a matter of seconds. The result… a faceplant that will forever keep you on alert. The replay of this clip is thrown in as a bonus. Don’t mess with the animal kingdom, I tell you!

Kid Punch Cat Slap Retribution