Kickass DIY Portal Loop Created With Mirrors & LEDs

This is totally one of those things that I wish I would have thought of. It looks pretty easy to make, so any of us could probably do it I’m sure. You know how when you go into a fancy store to try on clothes, they usually have a bunch of mirrors in the dressing room so you can see yourself from all angles? Sometimes those mirrors can be cruel since you see parts of your own body that you were probably never meant to see up close like that, but there is one thing I like about them.

If you have several mirrors surrounding you in one of those gigantic dressing rooms, and if you look through them just the right way, you can see a portal. It gets a kind of mirror through a mirror through a mirror effect going.

Portal fan Florian Aich created his own Portal loop based on this same theory. He bought some mirrors from IKEA and some blue and orange LED rope lights, and the rest, well, you just have to see it in this video. People have done this kind of thing before (you can check out another example here), but none of the other ones I’ve seen have turned out as nicely as this one. He even has his own little handheld Portal Device to shoot the portals. Just be careful if you show this to your friends after they’ve been drinking. They might think it’s real and try to jump through it, which of course could make a big mess for someone to clean up. Awesomeness!


Via: [Geekologie] [Technabob]