Kid Builds Stunning Automatic Door Opener Using LEGO Mindstorms NXT

If you are an avid LEGO fanatic you know that it sometimes takes quite a while to put together something innovative with those creative blocks. The Internet is crawling with cool builds that are sometimes too big to even understand how the heck they managed to put it all together. For a kid, who’s calling himself ericinventor on YouTube, it’s all about Mindstorms NXT (LEGO Robotics), which he used to create an innovative automatic door opener.

Yes, it seems LEGO can help you create anything if your creativity and imagination is great enough to dream it up. LEGO is all about solving problems, and that is apparently what this kid is a master at. If you have an idea you can always create it with LEGO and that is exactly what, (let’s call him Eric), is showcasing with his automatic door opener.

You might think that LEGO’s are not strong enough to handle any kind of stress placed on them, but that’s where you are wrong. There are several ways that you can make sure the blocks you put together stay together, no matter what force you put on them. I am sure glue immediately comes to mind, but that’s not at all necessary. Eric has been able to solve it by placing the LEGO in a certain way to prevent any kind of stress on the joints which expand and fold when his automatic door opener is working its magic.

How he’s managed to make it all work you’ll have to check out the video to understand, but I can say this much, this kid is going places. The ingenuity that has gone into his build is mind-boggling, and that he’s been able to pull it off is in itself something to be impressed about. Sure, it’s not the fastest automatic door in the world, but it is definitely the geekiest. Not only does his LEGO build open the door to his room but he has also been able to make it talk. Every time he opens it from the outside it welcomes him and when he opens it from the inside it says goodbye. It seems you can somewhat recreate Tony Stark’s Jarvis artificial intelligence even with LEGO. Who would have known!

Eric’s LEGO Mindstorms NXT Automatic Door Opener

LEGO Automatic Door Opener

LEGO Automatic Door Opener