Laser-Cut Sheet Metal Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model Kit

There are two types of Star Wars fans. There are the people who call themselves Star Wars fans because they are interested in seeing what Disney does with the franchise, and then there are the original Star Wars fans. They are the people who have maintained their love for Star Wars through thick and thin, and it’s those fans who come up with the uniquely geeky mods, builds and imaginative creations. This laser-cut, sheet metal, palm-size Star Wars Millennium Falcon model is a great example.

This tiny Star Wars Millennium Falcon will fit in your hand when you’re finished building it, and it comes with step-by-step directions. It requires bending and folding the metal pieces, kinda like you were putting together papercraft art. In order to complete this project, you’ll need a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors and some pliers – but that is too be expected since you’ll be working with real metal. The pieces are all on these two sheets, so it will be like putting together a geeky 3D puzzle.

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon model you’ll have when you’re finished will look so shiny and nice! If you decide to do this, I just have two things to warn you about. First, it apparently takes a long time to put this together (it’s not a quick build that will take an hour). And secondly, the directions might be in Japanese (but there is probably an English version included also).

Putting this little guy together could be a great way to indulge your Star Wars addiction. You can pick up this up at Strapya World for $15.30. I noticed they recently added the same type of laser-cut sheet metal model for R2 also. They are going to add more Star Wars models soon too!

Laser-Cut Sheet Metal Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

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