Geek Gone Wild | Sleeping Royally In Star Wars Space

I can honestly say that I am completely exhausted today. Headache and all, that bed at home has never been so inviting as right now. However, I won’t let that come between me and my articles here on Bit Rebels. Some might argue that the origins of this post have something to do with how tired I am at this moment, but that I will never admit. It’s simply the nature and the execution of this highly geek flavored undertaking that has caught my complete interest.

Who said that Facebook is just a Social Networking site? You can find as much awesomeness around those faces as you can in the deepest dwellings of a computer store downtown, especially if you stumble over Kayla Kromer’s Facebook profile. What you are about to witness is nothing less than a geek’s ultimate wet dream. And that, good people, is a promise!

Kayla, or should we call her Leia, has created what surely will become a legend and a myth among the guys fanatically watching Star Wars over and over again. She has gone to great lengths to create the Millennium Falcon as a bed! It comes complete with true shapes, lighting, gun tower, cockpit and a small dish on the hull. Oh, and don’t forget the Ewok and the goof himself, Jar Jar Binks.

Kayla has rapidly become a supreme idol of mine and I am sure that if you want one of those beds you will probably have to cough up the dough for it. Lots of dough. That thing, after all, can give you a ride at the speed of light. Hmm, maybe that’s not a good thing at all times…