LED Shoe Laces: Bring The Light To The Club!

If I remember correctly, I am sure I have seen this before, like 15-20 years ago during the ’80s. Back then it was more of a color and not LEDs. It was some kind of fluorescent color that if put in bright light, soaked it up and then later shined for a number of minutes. They were more like neon colors and every kid (at least where I lived) had them once or twice on their shoes, but this way is entirely different I guess.

This time around it’s actually LEDs lighting up these shoe laces, and they are shining bright. I wouldn’t; however, go and suggest you use this as a grown man (maybe you could, after all, it’s soon Halloween). However, if you’re in the beginning of your teen years, then I am sure this would strike everyone as a cool wear when going to the “discos” around your neighborhood.

Made available by Bright Lite Raves, these shoe laces aren’t just your ordinary laces. They come in a pack of two (obviously) and cost just $9.95. You can’t argue the fact that they bring back some memories of your own childhood when you look at them. I would buy these just to have them. I might even secretly put them on my own shoes and walk around at home acting all ’80s. Don’t expect a mullet though. That’s just not how I roll.