Legendary Hands: The Ultimate Collection

Weird things just keep popping up here on Bit Rebels. We constantly sift through the piles of awesome things in search of the geekiest topics of tomorrow. It ain’t always easy to choose which ones to write about, and it is never easy to write an article around it to do it justice. We style, form and refine our articles to make them as close to our true ideas as possible. Sometimes we hit the mark, and sometimes we don’t, but it’s always a collaborative effort that we take super seriously. The sifting process is carried out individually, but the writing is often collaborative, and we pride ourselves on being the closest we can possibly be as a company and as a blog.

Recently I found something as odd as a Body Snatcher poster which made perfect sense even though it really didn’t. I agree, it sounds complicated, but when you look at it, you’ll totally understand what I am talking about. There are iconic figures in the world, and then there are iconic hands, apparently. At least that is what Flickr designer and illustrator Nicolas Fong thinks. He combined the two concepts, Body Snatcher and Iconic Hands, into one of the weirdest posters we have seen here at Bit Rebels.

On it you can find the most legendary hands, and it’s up to you, once again, to figure out who they belong to. After a little investigation work, you should be able to solve the puzzle within a couple of hours, if not less. Sure, there is a slight chance that you will be able to piece these hands together with their owners really quickly, but there are a few in there that will have you scratch your head not only once, but twice, in order to figure out who they belong to. My suggestion is, have your Google search ready in order to make sure you match them correctly. Oh, and don’t cheat because the correct answers are at the bottom of the poster.

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Body Snatcher Legendary Hands Poster