Lego Movie Posters – Harry Potter, X-Men & More!

We write a lot of articles about Lego on Bit Rebels. I don’t think we’ll stop any time soon, after all, Lego bricks and minifigs are the perfect geek toys. There is no end to what people can build and create with Lego, which is why some refer to it as the ultimate creativity tool.

This classic collection of movie posters recreated in Lego definitely belongs on Bit Rebels. My favorite part of these are the Lego minifigs. They are so brilliantly posed and have so much personality.

If you enjoy Lego minifigs as much as I do, you might really have fun with this Lego Minifig Generator that I found online. It allows you to create different minifigs by combining heads, torsos and legs. It will provide you with at least five minutes of geektastic fun! What do you think of these posters? Some of them are incredibly clever and look almost exactly like the original poster. It’s a wonderful collection that I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

[via speckyboy, amusingplanet, flickr1, flickr2]