Lego Taxidermy Micro Builds Are Way Less Creepy

And so it begins, the never ending search for the smallest and most realistic Lego micro builds we can possibly find. Well, maybe not… but it sounded good as an introduction to what I am going to write about. I guess you have figured it out already, this will be about the miniature creations that Lego can produce with a little bit of imagination and skill. All you really need is a few pieces of Lego and a few minutes to sit around and waste some time fusing those blocks together in search of the perfect shape or form that will express what your mind has already imagined. Welcome back to another Lego article of sorts.

This time around, we are going to visit the creations of a true Lego fanatic and artist named David Cole. His view of taxidermy creations differs a lot from what other people think of when they hear the word taxidermy. For me personally, I think of a taxi derby, but that is an entirely different story that we are not going to dig our heads into here today. Nope, today it’s all about the micro builds of David Cole and the magnificent way they express reality.

What David has done is to carefully merge Lego blocks to form the most perfect and lifelike taxidermy animals that you can possibly think of. The era when you go out, hunt down a defenseless animal, shoot it, stuff it and then put it on the wall, is long gone. All that is left is the brilliance of David Cole. I surely wouldn’t mind putting these up on my cubicle wall (if I had one) and call it home. As you can see, with the slightest bit of imagination, you can create great things that will spread like a wildfire on the Internet. All you need is Lego since this building block is the solution to everything it seems.

Lego Taxidermy Micro Build Creations

Lego Taxidermy Micro Build Creations

Lego Taxidermy Micro Build Creations

Via: [Colossal]