Life-Size Chocolate Skulls For The Morbid Chocolate Lover

Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a huge chocolate addict. I can’t seem to leave the stuff alone. It’s a good thing I have some self control otherwise my entire lifestyle would be built up by chocolate. Well, actually that goes for all candy. My sentiment is, if it has sugar in it, it’s good for eating. Lately though, I have tried to stay off the most sugar creations in order to keep some control over all the energy rushes that my body would otherwise have to take care of, which can’t be good. Instead, I have sought refuge to some rather delicious 5-Hour Energy drinks that my best friend, Diana, sent me a couple of weeks ago. Zero sugar and zero calories should do it, right?

Well, everything has its good and bad aspects I guess. As long as I stick to just one a day, I shouldn’t power surge my heart rate too much. But when it comes to chocolate, it’s a little bit of a weirder story. Cocoa has been scientifically proven to help cells repair themselves and rebuild, which makes eating chocolate even more obsessive, at least for me. But the thing is, it’s only the cocoa that does this, not everything else you find in a chocolate bar, which only contains a small amount of cocoa.

It’s when you push yourself to eat a chocolate bar that has 70% or more cocoa that the benefits of the cocoa really kick in. If these statistics don’t phase you, you should totally check out these life-size Chocolate Skulls. It’s one of those rare, almost gruesome, creations that comes in three different versions, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, depending on what you crave the most. They weigh a whopping 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg) and will cost you an arm and a leg. Yeah, they will push your wallet to the limit with a price tag of around $540 a pop. I guess that is the price you have to pay if you want to endeavor into the land of becoming a chocolate craving Shakespeare. They are made available by Firebox if your craving becomes too much and your wallet too heavy.




Via: [ChipChick]