This Custom Life-Size Coffin Computer Case-Mod Will Make You Shiver

What is the most epic computer customization that you have seen to date or should I say, what is the most chilling customization you have seen so far? I doubt that it is as creepy and weird as the one I am going to show you in this article. I mean there are computer mods that have themes, like Halo or even Minecraft, but I haven’t seen one like this before. How would you like to have a life-size coffin computer case-mod to scare the pants off your friends with?

I don’t know if it scares the breath out of me or if I should actually think it’s creative. No doubt it is both eerie and morbid, and I wouldn’t want it anywhere near where I am working. Some people seem to have a little bit too much imagination when it comes to creating an eye-catching computer case-mod. With the screen attached to the coffin lid, it makes for an even more eerie feeling as you will actually have to open the darn thing.

The keyboard pulls out from the bottom section of the coffin computer mod-case which you also connect the mouse to. Perhaps this is fitting in a funeral home or a church, but other than those two places, I don’t really know why you would want one of these computer case-mod builds. Sure, it’s creative and all, but I am just a little weirded out by the whole idea of it even existing.

Back in 1995 a Tuscan watchmaker by the name of Fabrizio Caselli patented a product he called the Safety Coffin. It was what you could call the predecessor to this coffin computer case-mod. It was a real coffin equipped with a two-way intercom, flashlight, oxygen tank, defibrillator and an emergency connection to a monitoring station. You could get the Safety Coffin for $4,500, and although it has happened in the past where people have been buried alive, you would hope to be buried in the Safety Coffin if you should be one of them. Honestly, I don’t know which coffin is more morbid and scary, the coffin computer case-mod or the Safety Coffin. We’ll just let you decide.

World’s Creepiest Computer Case-Mod

Coffin Computer Case-Mod

Coffin Computer Case-Mod

Coffin Computer Case-Mod

Via: [Vinodlive]