Live The Star Wars Fantasy: The Deep Space Fighter Bed

Wow, this is quite a bed! I didn’t think a Star Wars inspired bed would ever top this Millennium Falcon bed, which by the way, looks ultimately geektastic and cozy. However, that was before I saw this Deep Space Fighter Bed.

I have three things to say about this bed. First, the base model starts at $18,000 (there are additional add-ons available which cost more). I’m in no means bragging about my construction skills; however, I betcha I could build one similar to this for about $5,000. #justsayin Maybe I need to see it in person. Judging from the pictures, it’s really cool and all, but it’s not all that (am I missing something?). Secondly, this bed is sold on Posh Tots, which is a children’s furnishings site. That’s right, this is an $18,000 kid’s bed. Wtf? Really? Dang, and I thought I was lucky to have pink Barbie sheets on my bed when I was little.

The last thing is, in case you are confused (I was at first), yes, this is a Star Wars bed. Make no mistake about it. The reason Star Wars isn’t in the name of the bed is because they don’t want to get sued by Lucasfilm, who is known for suing the pants off anyone or anything that even remotely tries to use the name “Star Wars” to sell something without their permission. To make this deal even sweeter, when you buy this bed you also have the option to get wall murals to make your child’s fantasy come true. Not only will they fly through the galaxy while they are asleep, they will awaken to the sight of deep space, army fighters, or whatever you choose!

Via: [Geeky Rant], Header Image Credit: [Bruce Rolff / Shutterstock]