Mac People vs. PC People [Infographic]

It’s an epic battle really, the competition between Mac and PC owners. It’s been going on ever since the two had a clash sometime during the ’80s. Well, it wasn’t so much of a clash, but more of a competition about what each one is capable of. There has always been an argument going on about which one is better when it comes to… well everything really. But is there really a way to tell which one is better than the other one? I mean, they are both very popular so shouldn’t they be considered equals? After all, they are now starting to become more compatible. Software that was before just for the PC, is now available for the Mac, and vice versa. This is not the case with all software, but it’s getting there I suppose.

It’s also very unlikely that these two “camps” will ever stop the fuss about who is better and who is not, what design is better and what is utterly ugly, the blue screen and the non-working hardware, the list goes on for a mile, so you get the idea. I am sure you all know what I mean when I say that there is a battle, war, or competition (whatever you want to call it) going on between the two that is not likely to end soon.

What if we had to make some statements in regards to each side based on statistics? The blog Hunch‘s latest project was to take the two sides and question them about how they saw themselves. Then they put the two sides of data cores together into one infographic. From the looks of it, it seems it must have taken a lot of time and work to put all of this data together because the infographic is extensive to say the least. The most interesting thing about these statistics is that they are completely self-described by the two camps themselves; therefore, the data can’t be obscured or non-legit. This is what YOU said about yourself, and compared to THEM, this is how you are. Brilliant!

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Mac People vs PC People