Make Writing Fun: Use Gourmet Smelling Pencils!

I love writing with all different types of pencils. There are certain pencils that I use for sketching, and I use others just for drafting. My favorite are the water color pencils that I use to color the artworks I make. The best way for you to know which type of pencil to use is by experimenting. It is fun going pencil shopping!

I found a very cool type of pencils, they are called Smencils! They are gourmet smelling pencils. They are made from recycled newspapers and dipped in high quality fragrance before they are tightly wrapped in a graphite core. What is so great about this product is that it’s also eco-friendly. The eraser that comes with the pencil is even biodegradable! However, the colored ones do not have an eraser attached to them.

Maybe the next time you try to create a drawing, you can make something that will match the scent that you are using. These come in different flavors including cotton candy, very berry, black berry, cinnamon, etc… Now you can draw or write while enjoying your favorite scent!