Makeup Mouse For Women Is The Ultimate Office Accessory

There are so many different cool, weird, odd and absolutely wonderful inventions out there that your mind would boggle if you even tried to grasp them all in one go. When concept designers sit down and brainstorm, there must be some kind of magic that happens or else we wouldn’t have any of the awesome gadgets we see around the world today.

If we wanted to, I am sure we could leave everything behind us and just stare at all of these mesmerizing mind children until the end of time. One in particular, and one that I think could possibly appeal to the female gender of our visitors is the makeup mouse. It’s one of those creative inventions that I’m sure is nothing but an art project, but anyway.

The makeup mouse screams for attention when it’s open, but it remains silent and disguised when you are using it as a regular mouse. For every girl, woman or female out there, the makeup mouse is sure to make your usual visits to the restroom to powder your nose just a little bit more simplistic. As a matter of fact, the makeup mouse holds whatever you want to put in it (I think). It even sports a mirror so you don’t have to exercise that pretty behind of yours if you don’t want to.

It’s amazing what technology can do, right? I am sure a ton of you are now wishing this particular little invention was real, as in purchasable. I wish I could tell you it was, but I am afraid I don’t have a definite answer about whether or not this makeup mouse is actually a legit product or even who designed it.

In Japan, I am sure it would be real, and maybe it is. But I will walk the plank here and say that it’s not, sorry. But that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness and ingenuity that this makeup mouse sports, right?

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Innovative Makeup Mouse For Fashionistas


Via: [Big Duck]