Manual Photography: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

After having worked with my co-workers here at Bit Rebels for over two years now, we have a certain way of talking when we suggest certain topics to each other. It’s usually about images or videos of different kinds, which sometimes leads us into talking about photography in general. I don’t think any one of us has the advanced photographer badge yet, but having seen literally thousands of images and photos over the last two years, I would say we are at least mildly discussing photos from time to time. Sometimes it’s only about the apparent lack of images on our own Facebook profiles, or whatever social media services we are using.

Even though I have a pretty standard camera (apart from my iPhone camera that is), I am not the most advanced photographer. I find myself taking quite horrendous images sometimes, and I should really look into the settings on my camera and how to use them. I am sure with a little basic knowledge, I could up the quality quite a bit. Even though it might be basic, it still requires time, and at the current moment I don’t any. However, I will get to it, and I am sure the knowledge will be useful within the near future.

Tumblr user Living In The Stills compiled a pretty neat and simple infographic (if you can call it that) which will have you rolling like a pure pro photographer within just a few minutes. These settings are available on pretty much any modern camera, and they should be quite easy to set once you have located them. So, to all of you amateur photographers out there, here’s your chance to become a pro almost in an instant. You can bookmark our page, and always have it available when you go out to take some awesome pictures for your album or for the world to see on the Internet. Keep rockin’ that camera of yours, and we are sure your viewers will notice a difference.

Manual Photography Settings Infographic Poster