Mario Guitar Is Another Flawless Custom Build

To get a little bit of a retro feeling into my day, I recently set out to play some Duck Hunt on the old Nintendo NES. It was almost a surreal feeling to once again point that infrared gun at the TV while trying to hit those ducks. It surely isn’t as precise as all of the gadgets we have available today, but it was great fun to once again have a go at that legendary game. In order to get that feeling elsewhere, you might just have to turn to something that is custom made. Maybe this custom created Mario guitar will do the trick.

It’s one of the slickest and most well done custom builds I have seen in quite a while. It’s a guitar made with the Super Mario character himself as the inspiration. It was created by “geekd out” and is a sight for sore eyes. If you pull this badboy out on stage, you will hear a whole bunch of fans screaming out of pure excitement. It’s some truly fine craftsmanship and will totally have you rocking soon.

Should the sight of this Mario guitar be too much, and if you want it for your own, it is currently on sale over at for “just” $489.00. I have to say though that it’s not such a shabby price for such an iconic custom Mario guitar build. Everyone who has ever called themselves addicted to Super Mario should totally check this Mario guitar out. Not only is it sharp, this Mario guitar is also a true testament that handcrafted creations can still look better than everything else out there. This guitar may be a large investment if you chose to start with beginner guitar lessons recently, but it would make a nice investment if you’re an experienced player. The detail in this guitar is almost out of this world, and the glossy finish is definitely what sells this thing to me. It’s pure nostalgia for someone who used to love playing the old Nintendo NES and of course Super Mario. Let’s groove!

Behold The Mario Guitar In Action


Via: [Obvious Winner]