May The Fork Be With You: The Geek Way To Eat Corn

This little idea by Shed Simove was originally created to encourage kids to eat their corn. All I can say is, forget the kids; I want one of these for myself. This design is called Cornobi (as in Obi Wan Cornobi). As you can see, it’s corn on the cob transformed into a dangerously fun lightsaber.

This design gets the award for the geekiest way to eat corn. I bet the corn even tastes better when it’s chomped off a lightsaber. Hey Shed, now can you find a way to make eating brussels sprouts and peas more fun too? I imagine them being shot out of a Millennium Falcon at the enemy spacecrafts.

Unfortunately, this Cornobi isn’t a real product yet. If it was, I’d order one today. Shed is looking for partners to help him bring this to the public. If you want to help him, just click over to Shed Simove. The little video below explains more about this creative design. I’m totally craving corn now. I wonder if there are really sound effects on this like in the video. If so, this is even cooler than I thought. The force is strong with this one.

Lightsaber Corn Cob Holder

Star Wars Corn Cob Holder

Corn On The  Cob Holder

Geek Corn On The Cob

Via: [Hap Happy] Header Image Credit: [suthiwat / Shutterstock]